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KITH drawing results!

Alan Longmire

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Once more my lovely wife put on her evening gown, sparkly shoes, and tiara to do the drawing of the names from a hat.  The distribution of the knives shall be as follows:

Dan Bourlatos goes to Pieter-Paul Derks.

Pieter-Paul Derks goes to Timothy Artymko.

Timothy Artymko goes to JJ Simon.

JJ Simon goes to George Ezell.

George Ezell goes to Mike Andriacco.

Mike Andriacco goes to Doug Crawford.

Doug Crawford goes to Karim.

Karim goes to Aiden Carly-Clopton.

Aiden Carly-Clopton goes to Emiliano Carillo.

Emiliano  Carillo goes to Robert Dowse.

Robert Dowse goes to Michael Lenaghan.

Michael Lenaghan goes to Wesley Alberson.

Wesley Alberson goes to Brian Dougherty, which means that 

Brian Dougherty goes to Dan Bourlatos.

Congratulations all, and enjoy your new knives!

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Noooooo, I missed the previous thread! I thought it was all done from the first listing thread... aaaahhhrrrgg...

NEME SPES, NEME METU http://zansh62.wix.com/damascusknives


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@Francesco Muci, I see in the other thread that @kevin hopkins also missed the draw. Can I suggest a straight swap?

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"The way we win matters" (Ender Wiggins) Orson Scott Card


Nos qui libertate donati nescimus quid constat

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