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Futuristic fighter WIP

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This project started out with what was going to be a w2 kitchen knife that I screwed up.


For this project I feel that I went at it like a madman as I could not find anyone who as done anything like this online. By that I mean on the main of part of the blade I went over it several times with my Harbor Freight wire feed welder.  All the welding was done with the blade at 400-800°f, and as soon as the welding was done I put it through 4 thermal cycles, and then I annealed for about over an hour of time in the forge as it cooled down. I did this to avoid stress.


I knocked the welds off with my angle grinder.


Here is after the quench


Here is after a total of 4hrs of HT in my kitchen oven at 390 F, though the temp in there swings a lot.


While grinding you could see a ton of contrast. It was sweet.


After grinding I etched the blade in instant coffee.


For the guard, I made it mainly out of wrought iron.


I started by forging it close to shape.


The shape became awkward on the anvil causing me to unintentionally tear the wrought iron where I did not want to.


This led to cutting it apart and wire feed welding.




After plenty of filing.


At this point, I gave it a ferric chloride soak, and then I started adding in a couple pieces of orangish/red micarta.


Next, I gave it a dark rust stopping patina, and for the end of the handle I used an ultra-high-molecular-weight low temp polyethylene. This allows the handle to literally be able to morph to whoever's hand that wishes to use it. All they have to do heat it up the handle to around 150F and squeeze.

Some final photos:




And here is a video of a sharpness/edge retention test after going at a 2x4 with it. I would have liked it if I made the blade heavier, but it stays sharp.


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