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Bos Taurus "Bowie"

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Hello Ya'all

Something I whipped out yesterday and today.  I guess ya can call it a  "Bowie" knife...Looks a bit too rakish to me for a Bowie..but.. Anyway got a wild hare and went with the flow...This one just wanted to be this way so..Who am I to complain?? It worked...at least I think it did.. 

OK a 12 1/2" blade with a single fuller on the spine. Clip is swaged ..Blade is in 1095 and L6 steel in my "Solar Storm" pattern with phosphor bronze fittings. A piece of my "fossilized Bos Taurus"  ivory for the grip is set with hand made phosphor bronze studs..(I got to find a ready made source for these little buggers...they take forever to make by hand)...  I tell ya I had a helluva time getting the tang to the right shape to fit the grip...Had to be a bit "creative" and all.. That and getting that &%!!!@(*(^ing  fuller to curve right..

Still not too bad for a day and a half worth of work..I have enough of this Solar Storm bar left that I welded up for this guy  for another couple of three more decent sized blades as well!!


(This one is up on my site as site stock..at least it will be here shortly...Hope these pics are OK)




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That solar storm Damascus is quite something. I love those studded pins too. Do you mill or file the grooves on the spacer and guard or do you have a jig? They are very nice and clean.

Day and Half, huh? What did you do, go bake some cakes in the middle of the work? ;)


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Ok I had to weld up a faggot that was a good deal larger than what I needed...so I will be making a few blades outta that//Plus..I laid up this faggot for a Langseax today was well (for that Langseax and a couple of other blades as well..if it all works out.) with 1045/1050 and Stainless Steel HT foil..  see below..






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