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Hello, here is big chopper I have forged from old ford car spring. It is 50 cm long and 6 wide. Yew handle.  It has got diferential HT, though not visible through scotchbrite finish. Amazing sheath by Stěpan Holota.  According the new owner it "chops through nails in old beams like through carrots".



Chopper 1.jpg

Chopper 2.jpg

Chopper 3.jpg

Chopper 4.jpg

Chopper 5.jpg

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It will do a "straight" line, with some oil, but I use very slow oil  - which is normal cooking oil from tesco as a quench medium. It tends to eliminate temperature errors and does not burst in flame.  I also do not push the temperature high in the quenching range.  I suppose it has very "drawn" transition between hard and springy sections. It was tempered at 180° C in my kitchen owen, when I made me some pizza. 

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23 minutes ago, Mason Simonet said:

That thing is sweet! It's pretty funny I'm currently making one very similar IMG_0458.JPG

not quite as big though.

great work!!

 You reckon to sharpen thaT clip, sir?  I did on the big one and the tip down is vicious. :D

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