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Aikuchi Tanto Koshirae

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Seeing as it has been awhile, here is a recent custom koshirae for a small antique tanto blade belonging to a client. Crimson lacquered samegawa handle, fukiurushi horn fittings, a silver mekugi, and polished black lacquer scabbard in a classical aikuchi style.

Materials for the custom red and black aikuchi style koshirae mounting include lacquered samegawa over hounoki for the handle, a silver and copper mekugi, and lacquered buffalo horn fuchi, kashira, koiguchi, and kurikata. Overall length when sheathed is about 11.5″.

柄長 Tsuka: 3 sun 3 bu (100mm)
拵全長 Koshirae: 9 sun 6 bu (291mm)
拵 Koshirae: aikuchi, issaku
Material: Hounoki, samegawa, reclaimed buffalo horn, reclaimed copper wire, silver, natural urushi




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The red and black them is so cool, and mean looking. Beautiful work!

I have always been thoroughly impressed by your work before David, but recently making a take down tanto made me appreciate it even more.  How tidy, clean, and precise your work is, is impressive.  I would be a liar if I didn't say that I wasn't constantly referring to your work as a how-to and for inspiration.  

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Fantastic work as usual.

Your work and the way you work are a constant inspiration for me.

In fact, I have drawings of a tanto with a rayskin grip that are inspired by this project of yours.

I can't wait to start on it when I finish some of my commissions 

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@Wes, @pieter, so glad to be of some inspiration and assistance with the classical approach, makes it worth all the effort to document and publish it... (^____^)
@Zeb, no, i am not releasing any photos or info on the blade as it is in a private collection, the best you can do is maybe get a glimpse of the tang once or twice in the videos...yes, when i carved the tsuka i just subtracted the thickness of the samegawa so it would look right next to the saya, you can see the difference in the 6th photo...

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@peter, i have seen similar methods of soldering used by traditional copper vessel makers in japan...


thanks, @peter!

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