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Continuous problems with hand and impossibility to  have a power hammer made me build a press.

Now, Firstly I did some calculation using a log splitter excell applet I adapted to my needs.  It looked like at least 30 l/minute 200 bar pump and thus 7,7 kW motor will be needed.  I bought most of the hydraulics - pump, block etc. online.  The motor was second hand, this is basically 3 phase 10 hP (in imperials), it would be very expensive otherwise, this way it cost me 100 bucks (equivalent).   Then I built the whole hydraulic agregate.  It needed special  star to pyramid switch and change of fuses on that line all the way out of the building.   Be carefull if you do this you might need  "C" or  "D rated  fuses/circuit breakers.  I was at one point worried, that I wont be able to run this thing without start-up electronics, but it worked.

The tank is calculated for 100 liters or about 25 gallons, but its not filled up to the rim, as its works also as expansion area. There is about 70-80 liters of hydraulic fluid in it at the moment.

(On the last picture you see how I pumped the fluid from 200 l barell - as my friend says : "you are positivelly maniacal, but know your way around"

Well it worked.  I was looking for suitable cylinders - anything over 100 mm stupid expensive, 100 mm for my purposes and with this pump weak.  Found two 85 mm.  They do something like 11,5 metric ton at 200 bar each  - that  (in my calculation I thought I run it at 170 bars first, but screw it, since it runs so well), also  the 1,2 sec for 100 mm movement needs to be doubled so its 2,4 sec for 100 mm or in other words 41,5 mm per second and enough for fast forging.  (so the two cylinders give me 23 ton metric and 41,5 mm/sec ram movement speed   - 23 metric tons is 25,7 us tons).

The frame is standard 180 mm "I"  profile,  I have cut a technological hole in the lower beam and welded reinforcements over, to have a punch option.

Total opening is about 24 cm = 10"   out of wich  14 cm is the movement of cylinders and  4" is for combined tooling.


I need to cut the legs, I calculated my working height badly, and weld the ram guides, then weld the upper tooling fixture to the ram. Than at least some basic tooling - I have nice 2"  mine wagon axle which I can cut and use - as ts quenchable.  Other than that it works fine and performs within the parameters I have projected originally.

I should have this finished till end of the week.


If you decide to build one, contact me, I tell you what NOT to do.  If you need any calculations on the subject I can help you with that








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On 1/8/2021 at 10:34 PM, Brian Dougherty said:

Nice.  I've used my lathe for a lot of strange things, but never to power a transfer pump :)  I'll have to remember that one...


Haha. Dire need is the mother of invention.  I have since welded two flat bar reinforcements over the I beams.  These are 180 mm and it is not enough for so much hydraulic power, because the 400 mm horizontal pieces were actually bending about 1 cm when under load.  So I welded two flat bars 90X20 mm on the top and bottom of the frame. This seems to be holding.



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