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Bone handled slicer

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I have for sale this knife forged from a rasp

Inspired by the Neo-Tribal movement of knifemaking (especially the works of Tai Goo).

The handle is made from polished impala bone and the ferrule was fabricated from copper.                                                                                                                                                              

To keep within the rough and “tribal” theme, the file teeth and some of the forging marks are left in, the ferule and blade are also antiqued and etched.

A double temper line can be seen in front of the ferrule.

This knife is quite thin and very sharp, and will make an excellent slicer for kitchen work and delicate tasks.


Asking price is 125 Euro+shipping.

A sheath can be made on request.

Contact via PM, or E-Mail: mefecit@hotmail.com


Thanks for looking.


-Pieter-Paul Derks-



DSC_0078 gesjoept.jpg

DSC_0085 gesjoept.jpg



DSC_0098 (2).JPG

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I like the minimal approach on the file teeth... adds an artistic flair.

Very Goo-ish indeed!

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Thanks for the compliments everyone. 

I am quite pleased with the texture and feel of this one myself.

I Just wish I had more of this impala bone, it is actually the piece that grows inside the horn, and it was very dense and solid throughout.

Discoverd it by accident when using the horn for another project.:D

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I finally decided on what kind of sheath I wanted to give this knife.

I carved an open ''display'' sheath from beech wood and added a leather retainer/belt loop.

I knife carved some surfaces to complement the textures on the knife.


The new price including sheath is now 150 euro.




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The blade is 20cm/8 inches from the front of the ferrule, and 3cm wide at the widest point. Overall length is 30cm/12 inches 

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