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There is one simular on etsy,  I don't know if we're allowed to link a active sale item, so here is a pic and description...


Item details
Inlay aluminum handle knife with spring steel blade. Includes a black
leather sheath.
Mother of pearl, faux turquoise, jet and faux coral smooth inlay.
The aluminum has been diamond cut to add sparkle.
Made in the Philippines.
Total length is 12". The blade is 7".
The point where the blade and handle connect is 2 1/8" wide.
Good condition.


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You might want to make a new sheath for it.  I really don't think that sheath is up to the job.  It looks like the edge could cut through the lacing and get you.  Sheath making is not all that hard and you can make a serviceable for not much of an outlay in money.


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