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"Insane" Neo-Kopis, composite Pweld with bronze etc.

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Here's my latest... a custom order that when I drew options for the client, I labelled "insane" as it was an exercise more than anything in taking lines to an extreme.  I was a little taken aback when he chose the drawing to proceed with. :eek:
It has a 15" blade, is 20-3/4" in overall length, and the blade is 2.25" max width at the harpoon apex.
It features a 9 bar pattern-weld blade, in turkish/serpents composite with explosion pattern bars for the clip and dropped edge. Completing the package are a 954 aluminum bronze guard, sculpted grenadilla handle, and 954 bronze nut for the through tang-construction. It is 1 lb. 12.3 oz. in total weight, and balanced to CHOP.

Pics and a vid!  Thanks for checking it out!
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I love it. Everything is so....Sharp? It has this really clean shape that somehow looks simple, but I know it is far from it. Your pattern welding is phenomenal (as always). I can see you forged this very close to shape before grinding. This is truely amazing. I could easily stare at this piece and talk about it for hours (I must have scrolled back up to look at it while typing a dozen times by now :lol:). It almost looks machined by how close your tolerances are. And the finish and those lines on that handle :o Simply amazing. 

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1 hour ago, Wesley Alberson said:

That is totally wicked! I have never heard of aluminum bronze before. Can you forge it or normalize it and hammer cold?

954 bronze is pretty enjoyable to work with.  It forges well at a medium/low red to black heat.  It will work harden hammering cold but just keep it hot.  It can be quenched to harden somewhat, although I've not done that.  It grinds easily, machines a bit tough (sharp bits) and looks like whitish brass when raw finished.  Heating up through the purple temper range into a brown range, and quenching in oil, will yield the color shown here.  I really really like the look, this guard was an experiment with coloring as I'm new to this material.

Oh, and thanks a lot guys for the felicitations! 

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Yeah, work that stuff hot. If you try and cold forge it after quenching- which anneals normal bronze- the vibration will shake your teeth loose. It polishes up very well.

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Looks great!

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