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A forum knife - for another forum

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The last few weeks has seen a project come to fruition with an EDC  knife and sheath design that I have been working on with the owner of the Africa Hunting forum for a "forum knife" with the forum logo embossed on the sheath.
The brief was for a small EDC knife that would be suitable for everyday chores and stand in for a small game knife as well. There were a few different approaches to this ideal so there is a healthy pile of both blade and sheath discards that failed either one of both of our expectations and in the end this is what will be offered to the forum. Initially it was just the horizontal carry sheath that was envisaged but I made a standard vertical carry sheath as an option as some may prefer the standard vertical sheath. The patterns will go into my portfolio for non forum buyers but the logo will only be embossed for the intended forum members.



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Yes but it is in a public display area and I think there woud be an outcry if I was to purloin them - regardless of the intended usage thay mght be put to :D

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