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my forge lessons learned

Craig Rice

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The amount of water necessary to thin the mix enough to be sprayable will ensure the rapid failure of the lining, IMO. Have you considered using a cardboard or similar form to cast the lining in place?

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It is going to be highly dependent on the refractory you use.  Some are designed to be sprayed, others will not tolerate it.  I would think if you use any of the commonly available ones that you can water down enough to spray, you'd want to spray a pretty thin coat first.  You could hopefully then apply as normal, or possibly do (many) more very thin coats until you get the desired thickness, waiting for them to dry between each coat.  It really will depend on which one you use though.  

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Have you read the Build a Gas Forge attachment on the Forge Supplies page at www.WayneCoeArtistBlacksmith.com?  This gives my instructions on how to build a good, long lasting forge.

Let me know if I can help you.


Wayne Coe
Artist Blacksmith
729 Peters Ford Road
Sunbright, Tennessee

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