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The Lake Sword

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Thanks guys, I do believe my beard been alite twice before but good to know it's still burning bright haha!B)


Alan, since this blades gonna stay with me, my family chest has a latin saying of "Patriae Infeliei Fidelis" which means Faithful to a unhappy country...

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Now once the scale was off I had to take a look to see if there would be a pattern and was shocked at the amount of contrast from steel that I thought would almost be the same! But the high carbon edg

well this is the handle and currently where I'm at in the project, there will be a mix of antler, black walnut and bronze used. As excited as I am at this point there is a need to slow down and make s

Well have some work to show as of now, I weld and polish a lot of stainless steel for my day job so lack the motivation to come home and polishing a sword but it's at a point that's showing off the bl

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