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swords through the centuries 2017

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Our annual sword-focused "hammer-in" is back again! This year we are focusing on 15th century Europe.

the dates are Oct 28-29th 

 -Matthew Berry will be doing a lost wax casting demo...
-Brian Dimmock will be demoing how to make armor...
-Christian Tobler will be back with a repeat of his awesome presentation on longsword techniques...
-Jamie Lundell will be forging and assembling a rondel dagger through the course of the weekend
-Peter Swarz-Burt will be forging and assembling a war hammer during the course of the weekend
-Matthew Parkinson will be demoing and explaining the heat treating of steel,
-Rondel and war hammer will be tested against an Armored Pumpkin on Sunday afternoon!
-Last year's wildly entertaining"Battle of the Badesmiths" returns on Saturday evening.  this years competitors are Ryu Lim, Mareko Maumasi, Jamie Lundell, and Peter Swarz-Burt. Judging and Color Commentary by Matthew Parkinson and Mace Vitale.

Pricing is $30 for the weekend. Please RSVP to Fallinghammerproductions@yahoo.com to reserve your spot!



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That sounds amazing. Unfortunately there is no way I could make it. Are there any plans to do a DVD or such?

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