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Howdy folks. I've been a long time observer of this forum and have learned quite a bit from it. Thought I'd come out of the dark and introduce myself and share a few of my creations. I made my first knife about a year ago and have made about a dozen since. I work at a few different ski areas and have been lucky enough to use their facilities as my workspace(s) for my knifemaking endeavors. I started off forging a couple crude sharp edged objects, and have since moved towards stock removal for most of my knives. My main tools are limited to a small propane forge, angle griders, bench grinders, a vice, my trusty files and filing jig. Aside from my two crudely forged knives, all my bevels have been hand filed. And yes, it takes f#@$ing ages to file. Anyways, I'm tremendously grateful for the many things I've learned here and thought I'd show the fruits of my labor.


My first two knives, the first a drill bit and the second a 3/4" wrench. 



My filing jig in action on some seriously beefy 1/4" 5160.



The finished product of my first jig filed blade. Short and relatively obtuse bevel on this one, 1/4" stock ain't no joke. Laminated Wenge and Rosewood handle.



Drop point classic, from much more practical 1/8" 1084



My latest attempt at a compact fixed blade EDC. Currently working on 3 more of this style. 1084 with ironwood scales on this one. Also working on a good kydex sheath design with a pocket clip for these.



I'm truly so grateful for all I've learned here, and hope to contribute something to the community by posting my upcoming propane burner and forge build. 

Thanks dudes!

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These look great. It's really cool to see how you've sequentially improved from knife to knife. The last model looks really nice, it's simple but the fit and finish is very clean and well done, which I personally think is a one of the best ways to tell a beginning knifemaker from an experienced one. Keep up the good work, and good luck, I'll look forward to seeing more from you!

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