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1770 Belt Dagger


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Just sold this REVWAR Belt dagger I made based on a picture in "Swords and Blades of the American Revolution" by Newmann. (photo attached)

My first double sided blade, it was a challenge to keep the ridgeline straight.

I must admit, it started as a kit...see picture...LOL.

It was a $1 flea market file, some pipe, a piece of 1017 flat stock and a chunk of curly Maple.  I left a few of the file diamonds in the piece to show it's origins and made the sheath with a flap on the front (to hold it in your belt" and a belt loop for regular wear on the back.  The blade was aged by two hours in cider vinegar and a scrub back with a greenie.

Put it on a blanket at a reenactment event with what I thought was pretty hefty price as I wasn't sure if I wanted to sell it.  It was gone in an hour...LOL..That'll learn me!


Dagger 1.jpg



Dagger 2.jpg

Dagger file.zip

Dagger model.jpg

Kit - jpg.jpg

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