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Antique Wakizashi signed Sukemitsu

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Hey guys! I have a wakizashi here for sale that I have had for a little while in my collection. It is a beautiful piece but to be honest I am amassing too many such pieces and I have to let this one go. I'm listing it here first because I'd rather a member of our community have it than some random person on eBay. It is signed Sukemitsu (祐光) and is likely early Edo Period. The habaki is gorgeous, probably my favorite part of this particular blade and is solid silver with beautifully done kiri. It is in Shirasaya and comes with a bag for storage. The shirasaya is well made with a particularly nicely finished ibota buffing and horn detail around the mekugi-ana. The fit is very nice and closes with a snug fit. It has a healthy hamon and the boshi appears to be in good condition. I have had trouble photographing it because of the polish. It came from Japan in somewhat recent polish though like all antiques it has some scratches though none are glaring. I'll attach photos and measurements and if you have any questions please ask! I am asking $700 for this blade plus actual shipping to wherever you are. 

Blade length: 15.6 inches 

Curvature: .5 inches

 Overall Length: 22.75 inches 

Weight: 457 g





































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Thanks guys! It's a beautiful piece but I am engrossed with other projects and realized I don't need another smallish wazikashi! It was certainly a good purchase but perhaps the wrong time 

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Hey everyone, this blade is sold!

I have access to several more beautiful antiques that are going to be sold soon by a collector friend of mine who I have bought many pieces for my own collection from. If anyone is seriously interested in having access to that list please send me a message! 

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