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Pattern welded san-mai Chef's Knife

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Here is a custom Chef's Knife I just finished up for a customer.

The 22,5cm blade is forged in an exotic jet-turbine alloy mixed with high carbon steel, folded to 44 layers, twisted and laminated in a san-mai lamination with Øberg-steel for the core.

The handle is in stabilized Zebra wood, Jamaican blue mahoe, buffalo horn and vulcanized fiber.

weight: 214 grams
Blade length: 22,5 cm
Blade width: 3,5 cm
Blade thickness: 4 mm
Blade hardness: 63 HRC
Handle length: 12,5 cm
Handle thickness: 1,7cm

22cm Chefs Knife-1.jpg

22cm Chefs Knife-2.jpg

22cm Chefs Knife-3.jpg

22cm Chefs Knife-4.jpg

22cm Chefs Knife-6.jpg22cm Chefs Knife-5.jpg


Any and all critique is as always most welcome. :D


sincerely, Alveprins.

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On 26.10.2017 at 11:25 AM, Viktor Johansson said:

Very nice work! It looks slender with nice lines and the wood structure matches the steel pattern. Handle resembles katana bevels, never seen that before.

Thanks man! :)

Actually - I just freestyled a handle like this earlier - and since it has kind of become a style of mine. I find the diamond shaped handle to be quite handy to control the angle of the blade when cutting, slicing and dicing... I also find it aestetically pleasing. :D

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7 hours ago, Alveprins said:

My name. ;)

Hehe, okay. Thought it might have been an abbreviation of your forge name.

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