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Walnut Puukko

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Hello everyone. Finally something (allmost) ready. 

Puukko with turkish walnut handle and brass fittings. Blade is german springsteel.

Sheath will be ready later. I will add the pictures then. 

Hope you like it...Best regards..Lauri


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Thanks. Sheath is ready. That was a good piece of leather. 



Edited by Lauri
Didnt have those pics anymore
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Like the others said, that is very crisp and clean from tip to sheath.

I love the addition of the short ricasso.  I also love that walnut.  That is the second knife on here in a week to have me drooling over Turkish walnut.

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I don't dare let my wife see that one.

I really like the handle design. Just enough to be a "Pukko +".

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4 minutes ago, Alan Longmire said:

I like this one better than the first!  Very clean and elegant lines, well done. 


Both are great work, but the second is sexier.

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Hi and thanks for those nice words. 

There is a wooden liner between leather and blade. Here is one old picture.20171202_200720.jpg

And here is the final picture. I add a little bit shadow and take colour off from background (my old woolly jumper) Trying to learn some knife photographing and using gimp.


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