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So, What is up with CHILEFORGES????

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Hello everyone!

I hope I posted this in the correct thread, if not, I apologize and will delete everything...

My question is basically the one in the title... What is going on with them??? I have contacted them some time ago, doing my HW before and reading about how great the customer service is, hoe nicely they communicate etc..

Well, the communication has been pleasant, but sometimes they don´t respond for a week, sometimes for two... I have to remind them of my interest... Is it because I am from Eastern Europe? Or were they somehow affected by the hurricanes? 

I would really like to buy one of their forges, because I believe they are one of the best there is (let´s keep the thoughts about building one myself aside now... no time, I need something plug and play). And I am sure there is an explanation, but, you know, having money in my hand, ready to pay and being ignored is somewhat... sour. I will gladly wait, if I just know what´s going on :D .

Does anyone have a different way to contact them other than they have on their site please?


EDIT: wrong spelling, corrected


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Darn. I wish I could help. All I can do is repeat the positive things you've already heard. 

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