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I'm selling my Bradley. Basically, I have way too much going on and am simply not going to have the time needed to get it torn down, put back together, and then get it running.

Asking $2,500, or $1,250 and a 300+ pound John Brooks or other cast steel anvil as part trade. Doesn't have to be perfect, but has no sway/sag, no major  damage to the Hardie, and serviceable corners. 

Needs cushions, a beam, and a motor (5hp is what it called for in the day), and is in Western North Carolina. The bearing surfaces of the shaft that drives the hammer are in good shape, but I haven't gotten into the eccentric itself yet. Everything is there, including the whole treadle/brake assembly. It's just off the hammer.

You figure out shipping, I will load. Thanks for looking!


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Okay. Managed to finally get some pictures to load. I have more that I can send, or can take specific ones if you want. Also deleted the part about not being able to load pictures to not muddy up the post. Thanks for looking!

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I may have a place in my shop for the hammer. Just getting set up in Hayesville NC. Been a five year move nut here full time now. Let me know if still available. Thanks Matt

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Found the manual for that hammer on line last night. It had the dimensions and required footer for the hammer. After much measuring and figuring in the shop this morning I do not think I can get it in there. An upright hammer (Bradley compact, little giant, ...) will fit but the rectangular footprint is an issue for me.

As much as I hate it, I need to pass on this one. Thanks for response very cool hammer.

Not sure how far apart we are but have to get together sometime.



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