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Is there any significant difference between the 80CrV2 from Aldo (New Jersey Steel Baron) and Alpha Knife Supply?

I am not worried about price but AKS has some dimensions that would be a bit friendlier to a project. I must commit stock removal.

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NJSB: Carbon 0.807 Silicon 0.32 Manganese 0.54 Chromium 0.503 Vanadium 0.153

AKS: Carbon 0.82 Silicon 0.22 Manganese 0.42 Chromium 0.66 Vanadium 0.2

Overall I doubt anyone could tell the difference.  Aldo's might be a little tougher (more silicon) and not quite as hard (less chromium and Vanadium).

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Thanks. For some reason the content of AKS.wouldn't show on my phone.

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