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Citgo Quenchol 521

Joshua States

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Has anyone ever used this quench oil? Can anyone tell whether it is a fast oil by the data sheet?



It looks like it will cool about 204*F per second

Citgo Quenchol 521 & 624.pdf

Edited by Joshua States

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Looks like the two are 16 and 17 second oils if I am reading the data sheet right.  That is fairly slow compared to parks 50 which I believe is a 9 second oil.

Edited by Brian Dougherty


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Problem fixed thanks to Niels!  And yeah, those are slow oils for things like O-1 and 5160.  Parks is indeed a nine-second oil, but many people swear by McMaster-Carr's 11 second oil for hamon.  At least when they can't get the Parks.  Don Fogg used Brownell's Tough-Quench (an 11-second oil) for years, and nobody ever found fault with his hamon.  Houghto-Quench K is a 7 to 9 second oil equivalent to Parks 50.  The abovementioned tough quench is Houghto-Quench Q.  Another equivalent would be Texaco A.  A little Google-Fu reveals Shell Voluta high speed oil is another Parks 50 equivalent. 

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