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Grinders, grinders, grinders....

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Serrated wheels are a little more aggressive than flat wheels with the same belt.  Wheel hardness is also a factor.  Harder wheels are more aggressive but make crisper lines than softer wheels.  Softer wheels blend better.  Most factory wheels are 70 durometer.  Sunray Urethane will make you anything from 30 durometer (seat cushion foam) to 90 durometer (golf ball hard).

As for diameter, that's up to you.  8" was industry standard from the 1950s to around 2000 or so, when bigger wheels became fashionable.  I think a 14" is as big as you can go on most 2x72 grinders.  2x132 grinders like the Bader Space-saver can take up to a 24" wheel, and if you want to replicate the look of antiques ground on a six-foot stone wheel you can make or buy a curved platen to match that radius.

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I've had one for about 2.5 years now, and am still very happy with it. I only used a 1hp motor and VFD, which I have outgrown now.  There are a lot of times I wish I had more power.  Early on, ho

I went through the same decision a couple of months ago. I wanted to upgrade from my old Kalamazoo 2x48 to kick off my return to my shop after a long hiatus. I wore myself out before I made what was t

Actually, Vern, I think you just about covered it.  In the past few years we have become spoiled for choice on the grinder front.  When I started this trip in 1998 the only choice we had in grinders w

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Thanks for the info Alan it is very helpful. I'm beginning to lean towards a Coote with an 8" or 10" wheel. Vern what type of setup do you run yours on? I see they list a 1hp as a good size but I was thinking of a 2hp with a two or three step sieve and possible ordering the ceramic platean and a possible rest. Any thoughts or ideas on that would be helpful thanks.

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Like I tell everyone, "I'm not trying to talk anyone into my choice." 

Methods of work determine a lot of my setup. Since I don't hollow grind I went wit the small wheel. Which saved money. Never quite figured out the purpose of the middle sized wheel. If you hollow grind you need the big if you don't then get the small. I also do profile grinding on a bench grinder so I have no need for the lower accessory rest. 

For me a 1 1/2 hp is fine. Getting to 2 gets into 220 v territory . A set of 3 step pulleys is where the money I saved on the wheel choice went. No regrets.

I do intend to pick up the disc grinder attachment and the small wheel attachment in the near future, in that order BTW . But no hurry.

The platen attachment is worth it If you don't have a DIY option. 

The real downside to the Coote to me is the inability to easily upsize the contact wheel.  If you start out with the large in the first place stick with it.OTOH I like the large slack belt area of a two wheel as opposed to other grinders.

A couple of months ago I started a thread on "belt grinder tips and tricks" to try and get an educational kind of pros and cons thing going to help folks understand different types and such. It went straight into being a cricket graveyard.


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