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Sure can! This particular pattering arrangement is one I've used many times before with various variations. It is built from six or seven billets. One species is simply straight layers@ around 100 layers the other species is crushed "W's" @ around fifty before staring the "crush". All billets were sized equally and alternately stacked, crushed, straight, crushed, straight etc. then laddered and forged into a blade.

Blade length is 14" steel is 15N20and 1084

Bocote wood and paracord w/ thin coating of epoxy.

It is very well balanced and light in the hand...you could swing it all day. It's my favorite "brut" to date!

I'll take a few more pics tomorrow!



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jd, that blade is beautiful. the steel is beautiful. the handle idea is so simple but looks so fluid with the rest of the lines. Is the handle pinned under the wrap?

awesome work!

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