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pair of mosaic damascus chefs

Matthew Parkinson

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These were both for my table at NYCKS, the blades are two differnet patternes of mosaic damascus, we got a new shop mate here at Dragons breath forge, Mereko Maumasi he is a bit of a wizard with mosaic and some of his ideas have infected me. The spidy pattern came about after showing him the parent bar and he had an idea and drew out the pattern..looked so cool I went with it. the shooting star pattern was one i came up with, putting together some things I have been playing with along with some of Marekos methods. Totally looking forward to exploring these ideas further. 

the spidy pattern is maple with bronze and G10 spacers 

the shooting star is Koa with nickle silver and G10. 



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forgot to add details of materials
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Those are sweet, Matthew.  Pretty awesome that Mareko has joined forces with you guys, with the wide range of what all involved can do I'd think it's just going to kick you into overdrive!  I look forward to seeing some amazing things as ideas flow back and forth.

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Please come and waste some otherwise perfectly good time, looking at my knives!


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