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Bowie fighter for anti-poaching friend

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Hi all just want to show you my second ever knife. I have a very active mind and when it comes to deciding what I would like to make the list is just too long for me to choose, so I decided to make knives as gifts for family and friends. The first of which is this one. My friend has just gone out to do his second stint in south Africa working with an anti-poaching unit to protect rhinos and elephants. He was looking for a nice knife to take with him and I told him I would make him one. After a short discussion on what he wanted ( basically leaving it up to me) I drew a few designs and he picked his favourite. 

Here it is a Bowie fighter, 12.5" overall, 8.5" blade forged from land rover leaf spring and hand sanded to 400grit satin finish. Brass guard, wild African olive wood handle and a brass/turquoise pin. 

The knife taught me an extremely large amount, the learning curve was like climbing a shear cliff face but I took it in individual steps instead of thinking about the process as a whole too much after the design phase. 

Hope you like it any feedback is welcome as I want to know what I can do better next time.IMG_20171110_230913_555.jpgIMG_20171109_201438_389.jpgIMG_20171108_150450.jpg









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1 hour ago, Byron studley said:

Thanks I got the idea off of a knife maker on Instagram. My friend said he wanted turquoise on there somewhere and when I saw that idea I knew that was going to be the best way

Mind expanding on that a bit please?

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1 hour ago, Charles du Preez said:

Mind expanding on that a bit please?

I saw him use the same thing but with nickel tube, I asked him about his process and had a chat about it. 

As for the way it's done I fitted the brass tube in as I would a pin with epoxy. Then once I've gotten the brass tube down to almost the right width, about half way through the grinding process I epoxy in a piece of turquoise I turned by hand, long enough to go the whole way through the tube as one piece. I slightly scooped it in the middle ( like an hour glass shape) so the epoxy could get a solid grip on it. Then I just finish it all out with the rest of the knife

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