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Gotland inspired sheath


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Finally got some time in the shop, so I made a sheath and knife inspired by Viking finds from Gotland. The blade is commercial as I don't have a forge where I live at the moment, but I use them as cheap options to practice my fit and finish on handles and sheaths. There are a lot of 'first time' elements in this and there are definitely things I am not happy with, I can see where I lost focus. The handle is from reclaimed Birch, fittings are brass and the suspension ring is bronze. Leather is vegetable tan.











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You need to get a collaberation going with someone who makes blades. Not that some of the commercial blades aren't good but that much work and detail.....

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5 minutes ago, Kris Lipinski said:

The sheath looks good :)  I'm slightly curious what kind of handle and sheath you fitted to the blade you got from me the other day?

Hi Kris. This is actually my test piece before I make up your blade. For that one I have some lovely, slightly curly walnut, some red deer antler, and nickel silver plate for the sheath fittings. I still need to make up my mind on the leather, but I am thinking red-brown like a medieval book cover.

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