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Ladies Crafter

Anthony Peterson

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I thought I'd better update my profile and post before I broke some sort of record for being a lurker / non-posting member.

This one's an oldie - a crafter for a user with really small hands. 

We had to play around a bit to prototype a handle that was really comfortable for her to use. It would have been about 3/4 inch longer for my hands, or to meet "usual aesthetic proportions". 

1075 blade, 8 1/2 inch OAL, figured jarrah handle, nickel-silver and bronze bolster.

ladies crafter.jpg

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I dunno. Aesthetics are just fine from where I’m sitting. Well made.

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Great looking knife.  I also share a little concern about the grind but if it does the job, it does the job.  Try to get feed back from the lady from time to time to see how the knife is doing.


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HELP...I'm a twenty year old trapped in the body of an old man!!!

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Thanks all for the comments.

Zeb and Doug, you're right about the grind looking "obtuse/low" that's the main reason for the swedge at the tip that I used to to try and balance out the appearance.

 The grind is 12.5 degrees a side (25 degree included angle) which seems well suited to whittling on our local hardwoods, and has the scandi benefit of being easy to sharpen on a stone.

It looks a little  "low/obtuse" because there's also a bevel from  spine to edge of 8 degrees included angle above the grind (I don't like the aesthetics of  "slab/parallel sided "bushcrafters") and the thinner edge side doesn't support a taller grind at the same angle.

 I've taken your comments on board - If I make another I 'll increase the depth of the swedge at the rear (keeping the same depth at the tip for strength) to balance up the "flats to grind ratio".



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