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a few newbie questions

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sweet, still tring to figure what a break drum is though, lol. BTW, i saw on another of ure posts from the 12th or something you were gonna make a kres, whats that?

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lol, thats awesome :P . Your lucky, you live in florida. lol. In michigan I wont be able to have an outside forge (unless I dont mind gettting a few feet of snow on it, along with enough ice to tear my forge to pieces). I'm debating whether to move to florida or my home state, kansas, when I get older. In a blacksmithing career (wich I'm more than likely not gonna get) which would be the better choice out of the two?

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a brake drum is on older cars the cover for the brakes or sometrhing like that and a kres is just the proper name for a wavy blade dagger.and btw um to all the experienced gas forge guys what kind of gas do you user ike propane or mapp or ....?thanks alot guys im contemplating going gas instead of coal.

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barbecue gas, right outta the bottle. Or you can go the firebrick and propane torch method. go to my website and the tutorial to see the basic setup.


My 2002 Mitsu has rear drums, so they're stil in use on cars :) but you want them off of a truck. Or you can make a Tai Goo or Tim Lively setup- a metal bowl filled with ash and a bottom tuyere. Much lighter, so it's portable/storable and the parts are super easy to find.



I prefer to call a wavy blade a kris ;)

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I'm just gathering stuff for a makeshift place to smith, never smithed before, and im 14. so i dont know any terms for blacksmithing.

first i have a couple questions about terms:

1. i've seen people talk about using clay in swordsmithing, are they talking about the clay you get out of the ground? and how do you use it anyway.

2. i've seen people mention the word hamon, and even show a few pictures, when i was reading on the forum. i still couldnt figure out what it is.


as i said, im trying to make a makeshift smithing place. so far ive found some fire brick(should i use it for the forge?), a foot thick round piece of metal i want to use for an anvil(cant find any local places to buy one), some propane tanks,and loads of scrap metal(the house we just bought has 40 acres of field chalk-full of it).

i dont know what else i need other than tools, and will this stuff work anyway? I want to get smithing as a hobby, but i dont want to spend very much money. would i be able to make a makeshift forge with what i have. and would a malot work as a smithing hammer?


one more dumb question, how long would it take to be able to make a katana?(im guessing a realy long time and better equipment).


thanks all



very well put /said bennett!!! :ylsuper:


there is never a dumb question..only one thats not asked


jim hrisoulas...once told me"makeing a sword is a humbling exsperence"...oh so true......id buy jim hrisoulas's book the complete bladesmith..


ducks for cover lol..i know some in here might think differently ,agreed jim a total mavrick but he does know how to forge knives..we no no longer speak but i respect his work...


learn to make a small knife and as you get better you will gain the needed exsperence.......think of this...i understand you may not have ever ground a blade on a belt sander but try follow my thoughts


as you lock your finger tps on tang anf blade tip your trying to grind a smouth straight grind of about 6 to 12 "....ok not hard with time and pratice..now hold a long sword like that thats 25 too 35" and do that with out getting dips,waves ets ets...forgeing another issue lol.....try a smaller knife first :)

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