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Hey there!!!

That's my kind of tumbler i've built...

The idea was not to create another machine that will only suck more space in my workshop. So why don't we'll build some attachement for my belt grinder?!

Would like to hear what you guys think of it....

And as again....please excuse my bad english!!!....i can't even speak my "native" language....

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Nice video editing =) I assume you are going to tumble the grind marks off the blade as opposed to hand sanding?

Never really thought of that. I got tired of sanding grinding marks and bought an electric random orbital and some hook and loop 220.

Once I get past the grind marks and 220 by hand it seems to go pretty quick.

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Hey there Kreg!!!

No never thought of that....till now...:huh:

Thanks mate....i hate sanding as well!!!!!

No i just simply intended this tumbler for creating stone washed finishes...

I needed this for a more or less "replica" of Ragnars axe from the series "Vikings"....

But thanks for this little cheat...;)

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Thank you Dave!!!

Means a lot!!!

The axe is finished and already out of the workshop unfortunately....


Nice coincidence...only a few hours after i finished it...'Man at Arms' posted theirs on Youtube...

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