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First Integral Chef

Caleb Harris

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Culinary knives are something I've really only admired and watched other people make, but with my brother entering more into the food world, and Christmas coming up, I decided to give it a go. 

Forged from one of those E-shaped rail anchors. I'm not super familiar with integrals, so it was tricky to get the heel down straight from the bolster, but I got it more or less. Mareko Maumasi sent me a quick sketch of how he draws the heel back behind the bolster, so that helped, but I think I can do better on the next one. Salem's recent integral has me floored but it's a goal eventually. The entire forging process consisted of studying integral knives by half a dozen or more kitchen knife makers between each heat.

 It heat treated well, took a slight hamon but it wasn't much so I didn't bring it out. 

Quenched in Canola, tempered at 375 for several hours, then torch tempered the spine. It takes an incredible flex, and the edge flex (ground to zero) was fantastic. Took forever to hand sand though. The spine is roughly 1/8 in front of the plunge, with a distal taper. Blade is roughly 9" (I didn't take official measurements). Thermoplastic spacer, stabilized Kingwood from greenberg woods, and stabilized curly koa from Petescustomkoa. 

Overall a fun project and a new world I really like. Maybe someday I'll find a niche but until then I'll try anything and everything. 









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Trying to make each knife just a little better than the last

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Caleb, very nice. I remember when you first got started, you have come far!!!

C Craft Customs ~~~ With every custom knife I build I try to accomplish three things. I want that knife to look so good you just have to pick it up, feel so good in your hand you can't wait to try it, and once you use it, you never want to put it down ! If I capture those three factors in each knife I build, I am assured the knife will become a piece that is used and treasured by its owner! ~~~ C Craft

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9 hours ago, Chris C-S said:

Nice one @Caleb Harris hand hammered or power hammer/press? 

Hand. I might be getting access to a press and hammer soon so hopefully that'll change

Trying to make each knife just a little better than the last

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Amazing work Caleb.boy your work keeps getting better and better. 

"Old dogs care about you even when you make mistakes" - Tom HALL - Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon wine.


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