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The barman in my local is a very good friend of mine (shocker, I know), and this year his girlfriend, who I'm also very close with, commissioned a sgian dubh for his Christmas. I said I'd charge her the cost of a basic knife, and do the fancy work for free, as payment for all the times I've sent him staggering back to her at 4am when he was meant to close the bar at 1... This is what I came up with - 1095, copper and ebony:

basketweave 14.jpg

basketweave 15.jpg

basketweave 16.jpg

basketweave 17.jpg

basketweave 18.jpg

basketweave 19.jpg

basketweave 20.jpg

basketweave 21.jpg

basketweave 22.jpg

let me know what you think...

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+1 on the good looks of the copper and black, the carving and the inlaid runes.

I like this one -  I'm not usually a fan of sgian dubh, but this one has the lines of a useful blade rather than an ornament.


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