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3 Christmas gifts for my 3 nephews

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Here are 3 simple knives I banged out as Christmas gifts to my 3 nephews. 1084 steel from Aldo with Kirinite scales. They measure 7" - 7 1/2" and approximately 1/8" at the spine. These were forged then finish ground on my hobbled together 2x72 grinder(first knives I've finished with this grinder). On the orange handled knife I forgot to progress through my Gator belts before I did a little hand sanding to 400 and it shows. Sadly I had to mail it out as is to reach him in time for Christmas. I am still working on the other 2 as I will see those nephews on Christmas Eve. 
These are knives 13,14,15 for me. Any comments, tips, or criticism will be appreciated.


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Thanks, i had to give the skinner(leftmost)  to a nephew yesterday evening. He killed his first whitetail deer with a bow, he was very excited on all accounts.

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