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304/1084 San mai inspired by jambiya

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This started out as a gift for my son but he wanted something more LOTR inspired which is cool.

It is 304/1084 San mai with wrought iron fittings and a maple handle that I stiched a leather wrap around it and with an ode to Peter Johnsson I wrapped string around it wet to give it that look that is both functional and pretty damn cool looking.

Overall is about 12-14" and the blade is some where around 8-9 " 

I promised the lady who wanted it for her husband a sheath so I made this little guy cheap and easy.






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6 minutes ago, Vern Wimmer said:

I like it. The "S" curve of the Persian style strikes a chord.

Most definitely. Thanks

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1 hour ago, Josep Mª said:

A great job

an idea for a next project.

the sheath is not at knife level

Totally agree that is why I said it was a cheap one. I promised the woman that bought it a sheath because I felt it needed something but I already commuted to the price so I basically through it in for free.

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