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Axe making tool critique

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Hey guys I just made a slot punch and a drift (almond shaped) in order to use the punch and drift method to forge an axe. I was wondering if you guys could critique them and tell me if you would make any changes. The slotpunch is unfinished but will look like the handled punch up top I got from GSTongs. Obviously I still have some grinding to do but I still have time! I saw this video where a guy drilled 2 holes about the length of his slot punch and then punched through normally. What is the purpose/advantage of this? Does it make it easier to keep the hole straight? Any other general tips on forging an axe in this method will be greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot guys. 


-Jeff F



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The holes do help guide the punch, up to a point, especially using a chisel rather than a punch.  The downside is if they're not perfectly placed you get some flash or sharp fins in the eye that are a pain to remove.

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