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Opinions of this destructive sword testing?

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Stefan Roth destructive testing on japanese and european swords (in german). (You can turn on subtitles with "CC" button)

Skip to 21 minute mark for the test. 

I find it a fun combination of exhilaration and cringe to see this. Any thoughs on the implications? Was it a "fair" test?

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Well, the katana did exactly what it should have done assuming a truly traditional heat treatment.  I don't think the target blade being held rigidly was "fair," so to speak, in that under actual combat conditions there would be some yield of both blades.  

I wouldn't read much into the final result other than the difference between a hard edge/soft back heat treat versus a fully hardened and tempered back a bit more heat treat.  The fact that the target blade snapped (it shattered, it was not cut) has more to do with its own heat treatment and the notch the katana gave it than with anything else.

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I was wondering how old that katana was and whether anyone would be foolish enough to use an antique katana in such a manner.  There are so many unanswered questions, that it is difficult to put much trust in the test. It was a cool video though.

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