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Sting Replica (Wooden)

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My wife is a MASSIVE Tolkien fan (I mean... who isn't?), so for Christmas I made her a wooden replica of Sting (as seen in the Peter Jackson films, of course). I decided to make it out of all wood for a number of reasons, as I was pressed for time, I knew it would spend it's life on a shelf, and I had a really cool idea for making it glow that I didn't think would work well with steel. The entire piece is made of Poplar wood, as I had a bunch of it handy. It is scaled 1:1 with the sword from the films, too. Keen eyed observers may notice that a few characters are missing from the inscriptions, but they are mostly there. I carved all of the glowing sections out and then filled them in with a mixture of epoxy resin and blue glow powder.


Sting 1.jpg

Sting 2.jpg


 I have a few areas that I wish were better, but I made the whole piece in less than a day, as I was in a rush (For the record, I was in a rush because we suddenly had a lot of holiday traveling to do, not because I remembered I needed to get her something the day before Christmas....).


Let me know what you think!


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Less than a day? Nice work. I bet the heat treat and tempering was a bear.:blink::rolleyes::P:D

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