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One of the reasons why I love this hobby is that it allows for me to exercise some of my artistic tendencies. I don't do it often with my smithing because I rarely have the freedom to go all out on a weird idea, but I have hundreds of sketches of random cool designs and embellishments for blades. Most of them fall solidly in the "fantastic but nonfunctional" catagory. Add in my love for fantasy and mythology and you have a perfect avenue for me to really have fun for this years KITH. 

I have always been attracted by some of the primitive bladed objects of history. Sometimes by the beauty, sometimes by the simplicity, and sometimes by the brutality. Often, we tend to look at weapons as these elegant symbols, but primitive tools in general tend to not have that same level of sophistication. Often when looking at stone or bronze-age tools I get this vibe of purpose over prim. It is one of the main reasons why I have always wanted to make some sort of macana - an "edged" war club. Both the Aztec macuahuitl and the Polynesian leiomano sort of paramount in that regard. Although beautiful in a way, there is something very primal about them as well. 

The Aztec god, Huitzilopochtli, was the patron god of Tenochtitlan and the god of war, the sun, and human sacrifice. Said to have sprouted from the womb armor clad and with weapon in hand, he slew his other siblings to protect his mother. In his hand, we actually wielded a flaming serpent, Xiucoatl, the spirit form of the Aztec deity of fire. 

So, I looked at Xiucoatl and couldnt help but think it looked a lot like an obsidian-edge war club. Even being tipped in volcanic glass makes sense with his relation to fire. With a bit of perversion, being tipped in steel - a material born of fire in a way - also makes a bit of sense. Since Xiucoatl translates to "turquoise serpent" I figured I could incorporate that as well. Here is what I came up with. As always, thoughts and suggestions are appreciated. 




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I love it since I am fond of cultural blades. Since all cultures have their myths and magic it seems like a good line to follow:" killing two birds with one blade" as it were.

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