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I like your choice of a "different" kind of seax. I put in into quote marks because when I went to the Germanische Museum in Nuremberg, those were the most common shapes... in any size. And I think you did an incredible job with the carving, flame maple and ebony are really bastard and chippy. Maybe a little rounding on the edges to give it a more 3d effect but the ensemble is awesome!

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I have been semi-studying the old Norse culture and the blade forms from the Viking age and Germanic/Celtic iron age. I was introduced to this subject by a group of smiths who are extremely knowledgea

Inspired by the work of several smiths on this forum (most of whom are named either Jake or some form of Peter) I set out to carve the handle pieces. In the first photo, you will see my drawing of wha

Now a set of bevel stamps will work the lines to push the leather down and "raise" the body of the design. You can also see I have drilled my stitching holes for the primary s

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