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Here is a camp chopper knife I made from a 12 layer Damascus billet I made from 4 layers each of 1095, 1084, and 15N20 steels. I just did an edge quench on this. The handle is made from stabilized walnut, with copper pins. Knife is very well balanced, straight, and feels light in the hands. It's kind of like a Kukri, but not quite. It's very sharp and chops great. I chopped up a piece of hard Eucalyptus branch with it and it chopped very well, and didn't loose it's edge at all, and would still slice paper and shave hair afterwards. I left some imperfections in it to give it an older, hand forged look. This is the 6'th knife I have made.






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Thanks! The blade from tip to plunge line is 9". From tip to handle it's 10". Handle is 5 1/4" x 1 3/4", 7/8".  Handle is kind of big for most people, but I have big hands so I made it to fit me. I'll have to weigh it at work tomorrow, but I'm guessing it's about a pound to a pound and a half. The handle is kind of heavy with the copper pins so it makes the blade feel very light and it swings and recovers well.

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2 minutes ago, Rob Toneguzzo said:

Looks A good sturdy knife esp for your 6th

Thanks! I really love making the pattern welded stuff, and can't wait to make some more this coming month.

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Good stuff. Keep going man. Looks a lot nicer than my 6th knife.

I have always loved working knives esp from my younger hunting days...spent heaps of my hard earned money on em .... but for me anyway.....once I started making them i just could never bring myself to buy another one.

The beauty of this craft is once the basics of a good heat treat are learnt the sky is the limit and if you want it bad enough you can make it yourself.

Look forward to seeing your 7th

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8 hours ago, Jon Cook said:

I'm gonna crib your handle measurements for a drawing or two if you don't mind. They sound like a good starting point to fit me. 

Be my guest!


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