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I started this whole blacksmithing thing with a 10$ hairdryer from walmart and a bunch of old red bricks I found in my backyard... You can do a surprising amount of stuff with a little brick box and a pipe poking thru the side. I didn't even attach my bricks together (made it suuuuper easy to clean, just knock the walls over, clean, rebuild.) A really simple ugly forge that gets up to temp will work beautifully till you're ready to spring for a better alternative.

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I recycled an old grill and lined it with 2600° bricks. Used fireplace cement to hold it to the walls. Ran the air intake through the bottom since there was a large enough hole there to start with. Used 1 1/2 black pipe and air is pumped in from an old greenhouse fan. I run charcoal in it, and if I want, and have melted some steel. Good luck!

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