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So I’ve been fighting with this “ Hamon thing” . Everybody makes it look so easy but when I try just never seems to work out. So I got to thinking about it and the whole point is to cool one part of the blade slower than the other. So why not just clamp two metal plates to each side and call it a day. Who am I to reinvent centuries of blade smithing, but if the beer still comes out cold in the end! Sort of speak! I don’t know. Tell me what you guys think of the idea. Please.






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Interesting!  Way to think creatively!

But:  does it produce the same effect as using clay?  You're definitely getting the differential hardening effect, and there are many ways of doing that.  Are you getting the transitional zones, nie, and utsuri as well? 

True hamon requires fine grain and shallow-hardening steel.  What steel are you


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