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New Damascus Santoku

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Hey all - 

I've just finished this one up.

8"  santoku-like  - 1084 n 15n20. I definitely though it was sanmai - with the core being a different pattern/orientation of damascus, but either I lost it somewhere in the grind, or I totally used the wrong billet. I suppose i'll have to start paying more attention to the steel I make and what knives are from which billets! 


The spacer is also damascus, just a scrap I had floating around. I etched it after gluing everything together so couldnt get it as deep as I wanted. I am scared to try using marking pins and glue every thing up after etching... maybe the next one. The wood is local AZ ironwood. 

Questions/criticisms really welcome! 





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I like it. In fact I think the more subtle etch on the spacer looks good. Kind of a reward for looking a bit closer and it compliments the wood grain.

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Very nice. I really like, well, basically everything about it! Clean work.

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It exudes Japanese  "style"!  Graceful , clean, natural. The elements blend seamlessly, yet they contrast enough to show distinction. The clean tight fit of the tang into the wood is  commendable as well! SWEET!

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