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Hi! Another sword finished :) This is based on Petersen's type C, not precisely like in a diagram, but I bet it wouldn't had looked odd in 9th century :P

The blade is NZ3 tool steel (60WCrV8), guards and pommel are wrought iron with simple brass inlay. Handle of wood and leather.

Total lenght is 975mm (38.4") blade lenght is 815mm (32"), width is 50mm (2"), Handle 111mm (4.37"). It weights 1170g (2.58lb) with a PoB at 187mm (7.36) from crossguard. It is blunt for reenacting battles and training.

Petersen type C 0.jpg

Petersen type C 1.jpg

Petersen type C 2.jpg

Petersen type C 3.jpg

Petersen type C 4.jpg

Petersen type C 5.JPG

Petersen type C 6.jpg

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Haha :) Yes it is long and heavy, but what made me wondered the sword type M I was following doing a replica (couple of days before) was as heavy as 1203g - probably the PoB was more like in axe than a sword :lol: So this one is certainly more handy.

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5 hours ago, Alan Longmire said:

That's a big, heavy sword!  :ph34r:  I know it's within the correct range, but I'd hate to take a full-force blow from it, even on a shield!

 All the more motivation not to get hit huh? 

Mr Lipinski great looking blade sir, all the more since you put that effort into a reenactment piece.

  We had shock knives for combative training, they were hard rubber and had a stun gun electrode up the blade.  Made you respect the blade more than just the soft rubber mock ups we used in the past. 


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 Nicely done Kris! Looks like it would cut very well!


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