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11th Annual Fire and Brimstone Hammer-In

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Fire and Brimstone 2018 will be March 24-25th this year ( one week post the Antique Arms Show in Baltimore)

11 years seems impossible. Such great friendships have been made and amazing food eaten!

In additional to the 3 running hammers (2B Nazel, Bradley 100 and Iron Kiss 75) we have a huge 7 by 9 15 hp rolling mill.


We are starting filming of Man At Arms (TV version) here in the last  week of Feb but will be taking a week long break before the event to get rested and sorted.

There is a nice new slab over at the jewelry shop for cooking BBQ and sand casting!  (dont ask me how thats related)

Let us know what works for you guys as to any additional setup and demos.

Something you would like to see? Post it here and we will add everything we can.

We will be limiting attendance to 60. Registration will be $75 for the entire weekend to offset our costs. Vendors and tailgating is encouraged at no additional fee and will have separate parking, trailers allowed.

Please let us know if you plan to bring anything that will need forklifting and we will have one available.

Please visit our site http://www.fireandbrimstone.com We will update the event section over this next week. Feel free to use the registration sheet as is in case you get there before us.

The site will include accommodations, Schedule, and Artists/Demonstrators. We are still rebuilding the site but it is live now and registration is open. I will be talking to the local hotel to see if we can get group rates. Breakfast and lunch are provided, grills are open for anything you wish to bring or share! Camping is encouraged but weather in Maryland is always suspect! The later dates should help us out quite a bit. The first year we had snow, 2nd year it was down right warm and sunny, 3rd well we had a little water, 4th Having a roof makes all the difference!!.... There are bathrooms(spot-a-pots) but no showers.


Owen Bush as well as many of the regulars have confirmed already

Rick Janney will be in charge of sand casting and we will be doing trial runs for the TV show castings during the event





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Just got my official thumbs up for the time off work.  I think I may try camping for the first time this year, since I have a van now that I can set a cot up inside the van =P    Of course if i decide that, it'll be weather like 4 years ago where it's so cold the portapoty freezes, instead of like last year where it was tshirt and shorts weather =D


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Very much looking forward to attending again. Thanks so much for hosting my favorite event. See you all in 4 weeks. -Doug

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A little over a week and I'll be heading out that way. Should be a good year, I'm planning something a bit different to demo this year, along with a regular out there this year. Will be working on it all weekend. See you all out there!



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Obligatory pic of brisket prep. 



This is the point end of a 19 pound brisket, definitely the thickest I have ever seen. 


More to come. -Doug

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That is a Jaccard Meat tenderizer.  It has 48 narrow chisel ground blades to perforate the meat which allows marinade to penetrate.  :-)

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That meat looks like its worth traveling across the pond for ...the weather not so much so!! but at least we have had good practice here at hanging around in exposed forges at below freezing temperatures! packing wool and still looking forward to it!!


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Snowing pretty good here but this event will go on!  Looking like sunny and 40 both days so we will get setup and burn lots of charcoal and propane.  

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an awesome time was had by all!  Thank you for hosting again! 

The weekend started off with some heavy brush and tree removal to clear out some space to set up tents.   All the stuff on the ground and all the trees here were dug up and removed so T-Star leather could have a place to set up.


Here are a small selection of some of my photos from the weekend


Eli and Owen



Mike on the strap hammer



Mark and Dan's bloom



Jeff and Deker's pattern welded gun barrel after one welding pass



More welding and reducing the stock



The welded up barrel.  Migration era gun !



Sam and Owen inspecting a katana



You donut want your wootz to look like this, but Brian was amused, despite the crucible failure



The fabled Straw of Diabetus!



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I'm bummed I couldn't make it, but I'm glad everyone seems to have had fun!  I am curious about this one, though:


What the heck is Emiliano doing to Sam, and are Owen, Matt, and JJ waiting to take a turn?  :huh:

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