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Its been a few years since I have posted any knives. Not sure if I will be able to do anymore hand forging but did manage to get some desire back to put a few knives together. After retraining myself here's a couple of my newest knives. The smaller knife has a sambar handle and is 7" overall. The larger one has a deer shinbone for a handle and is just under 10" overall. Now as far as the blade steel goes pretty sure its not rebar. Actually think the larger one has a 1084 blade and the smaller one is most likely some type of saw steel. The blades were all extra's from over the years. I used mild steel for the fittings.




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Thanks for the welcome back. It wasn't long ago I was thinking my knife making was done. Got my right shoulder rotator cuff repaired and my right wrist fused. The last few months I would go to the shop hoping for some inspiration and it just wouldn't come. It wasn't until the first of the new year that my desire to be making came back. I've got 3 other knives that are close to being done now. I'd forgot how frustrating putting a knife together can be. I was always taking one step forward and then a couple more backwards. Hope to post pictures of the other 3 knives shortly.

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Very cool knives, and I'm happy to see you posting work again!

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