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Finally, a Knife For Me

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Right when I moved to Kentucky, I purchased my first belt grinder and promptly went to ruin the first several knives I made breaking it in. One in particular, was my first foray into W2, which I ground to thin and had the edge crack in several places after ht. I chucked it in my scrap pile and didn't give it a second glance until about a month ago when I decided that maybe I could re profile and regrind it into something serviceable. 


Here she is. Blade is W2, copper bolster and pin with the most gorgeous curly black walnut I have ever used.





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Looks clean! I like the handle a ton. And I envy your ability to finish an old "ruined" project and then keep it. I have yet to keep anything I have made. I am just too critical of my work and it pains me to hold on to anything for too long. 

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Very nice. I think we need pinned thread (if there isn't one I missed) on "The knife I made formy self/ my self made EDC"

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4 hours ago, Alan Longmire said:

Clean indeed!  What's tge design on the front of the bolster, and did you do that?  Nice fitting work.

Alan, it is actually the center of a biohazard coin. My fiance got a bunch of these 1 troy oz copper "Apocalypse Zombiebucks" for some work function. I promised I would make her a zombie chopper if I could have them. 


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