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WIP from industrial saw blade

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Just here to track my progress on this little project for a few friends as gifts and the metal shop that donated the blade.IMG_20180223_085911190.jpg

My awesome artwork! IMG_20180223_093405921.jpg

Heated up a test piece and quenched in a bucket of rain water. Hit it with a light hammer blow and it sheared cleanly. Not good at reading grain structure yet. But it did what was expected of a hardenable steel.IMG_20180223_132954424.jpg

Cut and ground to shape. Burnt the tip grinding, Whoops.IMG_20180223_134855817.jpg

Into the forge! 3 normalize cycles and a quench in hydraulic oil. Tested with a file and seemed legit.IMG_20180223_150457846.jpg

Into the easy bake temper oven for about 2 hours at 400°. ( Goodwill find)IMG_20180223_223600690.jpg

Tentative handle option. Will get to this next day I'm off from work and when payday gets here. Need a large enough clamp to hold together while the glue dries to make a solid block. Then I'll shape her up on the table saw. Brass sheets, Black walnut, Brazilian rosewood, and even some brass pins. This will all be epoxied together. 

Thanks for comments or advice and or tips! 

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Well the thing I noticed that might be useful is the sharp corners at the handle/tang junction.  Where tang meets ricasso.I leave those gently radiused until after hardening and tempering. Sharp corners invite stress risers and cracks during hardening.

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Assuming it was band saw and not cirular saw with carbide teeth, it is most likely 15n20 from uddeholm. To the best of my knowledge and correct me if I'm wrong but basically follow the heat treatment guides for 1075. Is it .078" thickness? Thats what we use.

I look forward to seeing em done

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