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A Leuku and a couple of utility knives

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It has been quite some time since i posted, but my friends and colleagues have been pushing me to put out better work.So here we go, 

The first a pair of utility knives in 1075, started out with 3/16" stock, put a simple curves on them and a nice bevel with the file. The first of the 2 is actually a gift for a close friend and business partner, with cocobolo scales, and a leather sheath.  Tstar leather has been indispensable in making the sheathe a success always there to answer questions and offer advice.  It is 4-6oz vege tan lan leather, a medium brown dye, and antique finish. Josh Fikentsher heat treated these for me with his new kiln heat treat rig and they turned out great .




The second is the same knife with the bevel on the opposite side for me, i have been learning to join and something to cut lines will help out immensely. The wood is lacewood, found something interesting out when sanding this, the red brillow pads will strip the softer inner pith of lacewood leaving a really nice dimple texture on the lacewood.



The final and knife i have worked the hardest on is a big leuku i made for myself as a camp and work knife, they are apparently based on older Sami from Scandinavia, short thick bevels, little to no distal taper, and a swell towards the tip creates a heavy chopping blade. 1075 blade with a redheart wood handle and copper fittings, same 4-6 oz leather and same dyes. I spent days on the dragon drawing trying to get the curves and proportions right, in the end still not too happy with it. the carving and drawing skilsets still have a long ways to go...






I wanna take a moment to thank my local circle of smiths and friends, your input advice and help has been instrumental. Chris Price, Josh Fickentsher, Brandon Sines, and Brett Smith at Tstar you all are amazing. 

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Actually Chris gave me the most advice about the attempt at Urnes style art. The leuku was mostly do to Brandon

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