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Little carbon fiber meets damascus project


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Hey there from the home of the Lederhosen!

Just recently finished this knife as a gift for a good fellow servicemember of mine (yup...this one here is part of the German Armed Forces) who left us now to another post.

The steel is some 1095 and 15N20 damascus.

The hardware is stainless.

Handle and the coating of the blade itself is carbon fiber.

As always i have to excuse for my bad english

                                                  my lousy footage

                                                  my even worse editing

                                                  and pretty much everything!!!


Comments and criticism are very welcome!

...although some honey spreading would be better....:lol:

Also it would be very cool if you'd check out my other videos...but hey...it's just me...



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Just saw this, but i really like it! I agree with Alan, thats one of a kind for sure, and i really like the transition from carbon fiber to damascus. Very cool idea, well executed. 

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